Above is how Gabriel looked when I first met him.

Above is Gabriel the day I left him a year and a half ago, below you see him in 2012 a strong and healthy boy of nearly two years.

Hello everyone, where to begin??? First of all thank you very much to each and every person who supported this return mission to Ethiopia, whether you gave financially or supported me through prayer, a very huge thank you!!!
For what you are about to read would not have happened any other way, except through your support. If anyone reading this has ever doubted the existence of a great, mighty and awesome God I pray you will never doubt again.

I really want to tell the last story first but I will keep this chronological so it will make sense. So I had a total of just about forty hours from the time my feet hit Ethiopian soil until I had to board my flight home. Not much time so I knew I had to remain focused but allow for African timing which also turned out to be God's timing!!! I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish but two were top priority, seeing Gabriel and finding out what the future holds for him and looking for Mulugojamsehi (Mulu) and Ademechsehi (the two street girls who crawled into my heart when I was last there)

So first morning, I headed off to Kidane, they did not know I was coming so it was a huge surprise to everyone!!! There is one worker who I have a special bond with and the timing for my arrival was perfect. There was a truck blocking the walkway up as they are getting ready to pave the parking area so I had to walk around one side of the building and through another to exit on the other side to go into the care home. While on this walk around I found her sitting outside sorting food. She was all on her own!!! I tapped the glass and if I could show you her expression upon seeing me you would just smile. The first thing that crossed her face was disbelief, almost like she thought she was seeing something that was not real. Then an ear to ear smile as she jumped and came around and proceeded to hug me for a very long time. My friend with whom I stayed, thank you again, was able to translate for me things that I had wanted to say to her when I was here last time. I then saw Sister Lutgarda and spoke with her briefly, she looked more frail then I remember her being and also tired. I found out from her that since Gabriel has no papers, and unless the government changes he will not, so he will remain at Kidane. This was very disappointing news to say the least. I proceeded to head upstairs to see Gabriel who is now in the toddler room which is the first room as you round the corner. I walked in and he was sitting on the changing table. I looked him in the eye and the worker saw me and came over to hug me then she put Gabriel down and encouraged him to come to me. I was not prepared for my emotional reaction to this moment. Tears just ran down my face. The emaciate sickly baby was now a walking, talking, mischievous toddler. I held him in my arms and he pointed to the door so I took him for a walk down to the baby room. I then was greeted so warmly by all the workers in there, lots of hugs and shock that I was there. Gabriel was sleepy so after a few minutes he put his head on my chest and fell asleep, a lot like old times. I held him for quite a while before I laid him down. I needed to lay him down because I had a small window of time to give the workers donations from us. I was able to give them nearly half a years salary, they were so grateful as their salaries barely put a roof over their heads and provide food for them. There were two workers from the second shift I wanted to see in person and I knew I would not have time to go back the next day so it was arranged through some of the workers this day that they would meet me out front. One of them no longer works at Kidane and she took two shared taxis to come see me, bless. She had gotten sick several months ago and looked like she had aged quite a bit, she did not look like a 24 year old at all. I found out she had been to the doctor and was getting better. She also told me she is in cosmetology school which suits her so much more. I had a driver for my two days there so we drove her home and had quite a bit of time to talk. With our donation to her she is now able to pay the remainder of her tuition as well as have quite a bit left over.

Above is the girls two years ago and below is them now!!!

Once we dropped her off I went to see a woman I met last time around and we caught up on each others lives before I headed off to search for the girls. I was praying along the way and felt the prayers of each and every person who lifted this trip up, I was excited to be looking for them and prayed I would find them. For you see since I left about a year and half ago I have had several people looking for them so I could continue to give them money in my absence, no one was ever able to find them. There had been a huge "clean up" of the city where street children were being taken off the streets and put into care homes. My plan was to search care homes in the area but I wanted to give it a try by searching where I always saw them before. My driver took a street that was headed to the church they begged in front of, I decided to take a photo of one of the houses and as I was snapping the photo out of the corner of my eye I saw three little girls. I shouted Mulu and she looked over and began running to the car, I told Tarekegun (the driver) to pull over (I should say I shouted for him to pull over because there they were, my girls!!!!) They approached the car and Mulu had the biggest smile on her face. We had to drive over the road before we could attempt to pull over and I directed them to cross over, which they did. In the meantime I had pulled out the photos I printed of them with me so in case they did not remember me I had proof of who I was. When they saw these photos their eyes become saucers. They got so excited and began to call me friend in Amharic. I took them to the local pizza place along with their friend. Interesting note because they were about ten paces ahead of me and when they began to cross the threshold of the pizza place a worker there began to shoo them out, I walked between them, took them by the hand and told her the were with me. Suddenly everyone become very interested in what was going on, why was this woman taking these children out to eat and holding a conversation with them? I found a man who spoke both English and Amharic and hired him to interpret for us. Their friend goes to school and does not beg on the streets but both Mulu and Ademech still beg on the streets every day. They each earn 10 birr a day which is about 58 cents. They are out from early morning until about ten or eleven at night, neither of them have shoes. They are happy girls in spite of this life. The amazing news is they are not without a family!!! They not only have parents but also three siblings!!! An older sister and two younger brothers. Once our pizza was finished it was onto the ice cream shop. I told the girls after ice cream I would take them to buy shoes and then I wanted to meet their family. I watched the three girls sitting on the swing and I tried to digest what was happening. I prayed for wisdom and guidance because what I thought to be true was not. They were not homeless and sleeping on the streets but I was not 100% prepared for what lay ahead either. They were so excited to get shoes you would have thought I gave each of them their very own i pad. We then headed off to meet the family. Tarekegan advised me to stay in the car as it was dark and this area is full of thieves. I listened and the interpreter got out and stood next to my door while we waited to meet the family. A huge crowd gathered around and from the back came a very small man but Mulu was his mirror image, there was no doubt this was her father but I wanted to make sure. I had asked the girls his name earlier and so then asked him and he gave the same name. He pulled out his id card to prove it to me. The mom, sister and brothers were off at the market so I was not going to meet them this night. So through a serious of conversations we agreed to meet at a certain place the next day and I wanted to meet the whole family. I inquired of his wife's health as the girls said she was sick. He told me she has bad lungs. I then told him, as I wept, how very much his daughters have remained in my heart and that I was here for a brief time and it was to find and help them. Since there were so many people gathered around I folded some birr in my hand and when we shook hands good bye it disappeared into his hand. He kissed my hands in thanks. As we drove off I prayed this man would show up the next day.

There were several things on my list for Saturday but I was feeling so energized with all that had transpired on that first day, God truly orchestrated our reunion so surely the rest was going to be orchestrated by Him as well. On Saturday I got up with such an excitement. I still had not really digested all that had happened but we were about to meet once again. My original goal was to get them off the streets and into school but that was when there were two children with no family. I found an amazing man to be the interpreter this day, well truly God found him as that is the only way Eyob entered this picture. They arrived as we had arranged, the whole family plus another gentleman who turned out to be the dad's brother. We went to the pizza place for some injera and I asked first to know who this man was. I was told he was the brother, I asked why he was there, to listen I was told, I asked if he had a family to which he responded that he has three children. I then looked at Eyob and said I cannot save the world. He told this to them and for the remainder of the day when I was approached for money he would tell them "she cannot save the world" He truly enjoyed that phrase. The father, whose name is Dangew, handed me a piece of paper that told me they liked me and to please help them. I was touched that he went out of his way to produce this note and you will soon understand why paper, pen, even the writing of this note was a big deal. So began a few hours worth of conversation. I began with the mom, Genete. I wanted to know about her health. She is having lungs problems and has typhoid as well. She said the lung medication,which she finished a few days ago had helped a bit. Dangew produced her current medications and I wrote down the names so I can research what she is taking. I paused here as I wondered should we just get up and go to the hospital, is that what I am meant to do with this money? I felt led to carry on with them. I then turned to Dangew and inquired of his work. He is a day laborer and makes about 30 birr per day (1.73) and works a maximum of 20 days per month. A usual month is more like 10 - 15 hours. So best case scenario he is make under 35 dollars a month. That is for a family of 7!!!! Worst case scenario he is making just over 17 dollars per month. I asked what types of things he does as a day laborer and he replied that he mostly works with the roads. His hands showed he is a hard worker. I inquired as to why his daughters are out on the street, I tried to be cautious and not judgmental, I was truly interested in their story. He said they go out so they can have food. The rent for their house is half of his salary for a good month. During a month where he works only 10 days his entire salary goes for rent!!!! I asked how many rooms they had, one. I asked if they had beds, no. Do you have mattresses on the ground? No. Do you have electricity? No. Do you have running water? No. I asked how much each girl brings in and he gave the same amounts they had given to me the night before the only exception is Aleteseb (15 years) she makes 15 birr a day. That is just under a dollar. I asked if he ever went to school. No, he explained that they are from Gojam, which is in the countryside, there he was a farmer. I asked how long they had been in Addis, 6 years. Why did they come to Addis? To have a better life? Did they have a better life? No. Would he like to go back to Gojam? No, he wanted to keep working because as a farmer he made less. I asked if they were happy? Yes, they are a happy family. You could see how very much they loved each other. At one point the one year old, Anemut, bumped his head and Dangew was so tender with him. He cradled him in his arms, rubbed his head and kissed him several times. The baby calmed down quickly by the affections of his daddy. I then focused on the girls, beginning with Aleteseb, I asked if she was happy being on the streets? No. Would she like to go to school? YES!!! Would she study hard? YES !!! Was there love in her house? YES!!! I then moved onto the other two girls asking the same questions. I then explained that school would not be easy, that they would be in classrooms with much younger children as they are just beginning. I told them that they would now have rules to follow, have to sit still and do work. The running around in the streets would be for play not work but that during school hours they would be in school. I then looked at each one and asked one more time, do you want to go to school? They answered emphatically - YES!!! Then the three year old said "What about me? I want to go to school." I told him his time was coming. I then did some math and as I did I was praying and thinking of the best way to go about this. I asked Eyob about finding them a better home but with the schedule I had and the inability at this time to sustain this it was unfair to move them and make them move back. So I then looked Dangew straight in the eye and told him I am not a woman of great means but I have a big heart and many friends who support the visions I have in Ethiopia. I told him I work 24 hours 6 days a week to earn what I put into this so that if he decides to use the money in a way that is not what it is intended for I would put an end to this just as quickly as it is being offered to him. He has the opportunity right now to change the history of his family. He asked me to tell him how to use the money and he will do exactly what I tell him to do. We found out how much it costs for all three girls to go to school for one year including books and uniforms. We could not enroll them on a Saturday nor are we 100% sure they can join mid term so Eyob will be taking them to enroll tomorrow as well as get all the needed supplies. If for some reason they have to wait until next year the money will be added to the rest I was going to be offering him and used next year for the school year. He agreed. I then told him I was buying his daughters off of the street. I calculated what they make in a year and told him that was going into a joint bank account that both he and his wife were to be on so that neither can withdraw money without the other one knowing. I told him I would have internet access to this account to keep track of the goings on as well as be able to add money when the time came just in case I was not in Ethiopia before that time. I also told him I could shut it down as well if he was mismanaging this account. I told him the streets were not a safe place for little girls to spend so much time, they could get raped, stolen or killed. This money was for one years worth of food for his family. He understood and agreed. I then asked how many mattresses would fit in his home, he said two. I asked if they had any blankets and he said they had one old one. I asked if Aleteseb had shoes, she did not. So I said we did not need the children for a while, we were going to the bank to sort out the account, then to buy mattresses and shoes and socks for Aleteseb. I asked if when we returned with the mattresses could I come to their home, he said yes. So off we went, this meek man who I wish I knew what was running through his mind. Both Tarekegun and Eyob at different times would begin talking harshly to Dangew and I would ask what was being said and they were telling him that he better do what I am asking him to do, this is not something that happens every day nor will it happen again. Ejob told him he needed to stop having children as five was more then enough. Tarekegun at one point told him if he misused the money he would come beat him up. I sat next to Dangew in the car and wanted to be able to speak to him without an interpreter, just he and I but at this time that is not possible. After about an hour and a half Dangew and Genete had a bank account with money for food for a family of seven for one year. Aleteseb, Adenech and Mulugojamsehi were no longer street girls!!!!! When I handed the bank book to Dangew he kissed my hands and thanked me and prayed that God would bless me. I thanked him and told Him God does bless me just as He is right now but what is transpiring between us.

We spent about an hour bartering at different shops for mattresses and blankets.Then got some shoes and socks for Aleteseb. Then we headed home. There was a crowd gathering around as the mattresses were carried into this area. I do not know if I can put into words what I saw and I did not feel right photographing what I was seeing, I will do my best. We walked down a dirt path which had a center channel that had human waste and garbage running down it. I had to step over this so we could go down an even narrower rock and dirt path. We passed many shanties until we arrived at their front door. It was corrugated metal and about two feet wide. The roof was sticks and hay with a portion having a tarp. The walls were wooden poles with tarps tied to them with openings on the top on either side which meant there is no privacy from your neighbors. One of the openings had a dangling lightbulb which served as the light for two families. The room they lived in was about the size of a queen sized mattress, remember there are seven of them. When you entered, on either side, was what would act as couches. They were four wooden poles tied together about two and half feet long by a foot deep and maybe eight inches off the ground, the part you sat on was a tied on piece of tarp. Just behind the front door and next to one of the couches was a small pile of clothes on the other side of this couch was a cupboard for their dishes. Behind this cupboard on the floor was a tarp, the family bed. I was offered to take a seat which I happily did, this shanty that served as their house was truly a home, you could feel the love within those tarp walls. I was proud to be welcomed into their lives no matter how brief this appointment was to last, I was honored to be there. We began to talk about various things, it was nice to just relax and enjoy them as a family. To watch them interact was lovely. Then we asked the few people that were hanging around to leave and Aleteseb was asked to close the door. I told Eyob to tell Dangew and Genete what I was about to tell them verbatim. I went on to say that children are a blessing from God and that he was blessed five times. I began to cry as I told him I cannot have children but that the children of the world are my children. Two years ago his daughters crawled into my heart and that is why I am here today. Many people in America know about his daughters and want to help but he cannot mess this up or his children will pay for his mistake. This could be the beginning of something big if he would just follow what he is being told to do. I told him short of finances running out or them messing up I will do whatever I can to raise support to help his family for as long as we can. If his daughters go to school because he has followed through, in time his sons will go to school but start when they are supposed to. He listened and agreed to do what was being asked of him. He thanked me by getting down and kissing my feet, my knees, my hands, my checks and the top of my head. I was silenced by this mans humility in front of his wife and children. Then he looked at Eyob and asked "when is she coming back?" I told him that I did not know when I would be back but would love it to be within the year but I was making no guarantees or promises. That is why I can access the bank account, in case the time arrives to add money and I am not there. Then what happened next was about to be the hardest "no" I have ever had to utter in my life. He looked directly at me and said when you return, Mulu is yours, you may have my daughter as your daughter and take her with you. I was weeping as I told him that she belonged with her family, there is love here and to take her from that would be wrong, I want to help them as a family and keep them together. He told me he is promising me Mulu and I must think about it so that when I return she is mine. I would love a daughter but this little girl has parents and siblings, to take her from that would be gut wrenching for her and I do not want to be the cause of pain to her. Perhaps I will take her away from the lifestyle she leads and be able to offer her more things then she has there but I cannot give her what exists in that home. We then all hugged over and over and took a few photos. I did not feel comfortable taking photos of there home but told him I wanted photos of me with them so when I return they have proof it is me just like this time when I showed the girls the photos of us they knew I was who I was saying I was. So we took a few photos. They then all walked me to the car where we had our final good byes. As Dangew kissed my hands one last time he reminded me that Mulu was now my daughter. We waved as long as we could see each other. I was not sad as I know I will be back and I pray that Dangew makes wise chooses for his family.

So what are the next courses of action? I have sent an email to Eyob so he can messages me as to whether they were able to enroll in school or have to wait until next year. I need to reach out to some people in Addis about helping me find affordable housing for this family that has water and electricity and is in a safer area. I need to find a better doctor to look at Genete so she can get healthy and take care of her children better. Please pray that the right doors will open for this family and that God will guide me to whom I need to speak to on their behalf so this cycle can be broken and in turn they will give back one day.

To all the people who so generously donated to Mission Ethiopia I say a huge thank you or as we say in Ethiopia Betam Ahmesegenalew!!!! Dangew, Genete, Aleteseb, Ademech, Mulugojamsehi, Mandaferoo and Anemut send many ahmesegenalew's to all of you as well. This is the beginning of a story for a family, the rest of the chapters are up to them. I pray they are wise so we can continue to help them, I will keep you posted as I am updated. Have a lovely rest of your day and God bless all of you for catching the vision of Mission Ethiopia...

As for the future of Mission Ethiopia, I will continue to raise funds to help this family and possibly other families in the future. As I was walking out of their neighborhood I passed many families in similar circumstances and could not help but be reminded of the story of the young boy and the starfish. The story goes that a young boy was walking along the shore where countless starfish had been washed up upon. Concerned with them dying, he began to throw them back into the sea, one by one. An older gentleman approached him and told him he was not making a difference. He quietly looked down at the starfish in his hand and as he tossed it into the sea he said I just made a difference to that one. We have begun to make a difference in the lives of seven people and will continue to do so. Please note Mission Ethiopia no longer has a P.O. box but donations can still be made via paypal by clicking on the donate button on the upper right hand corner of the blog. If you prefer to send in a donation please contact me for a mailing address. Please feel free to pass this message on to anyone you feel may be interested in reading it or helping. We can and will make a difference for this family!!!! Thank you very much!!!!


It has been quite a while since I have posted but please know I am laying the ground work for what is to come. Prayers are appreciated for guidance, direction and favor in every area I am working on. I will inform you as soon as things are progressing forward.

This past week I was sent both photos and an update on my Gabriel. He turned one in February so he is beginning to walk, he uses the wall or someones hand to assist him. He has four teeth on top and four on the bottom. He is happy and good natured although will hit or bite when others take things from him. You will be amazed to see his photo ( I wept when I saw him) , I still have a hard time comprehending that he is the same boy who a year ago was curled up in my shirt at deaths door. God truly does still perform miracles. I look forward to the day when his purpose for survival is revealed as I know he will do amazing things with his life.


Happy new year from Mission Ethiopia. I just wanted to update you on what is going on in the world of becoming a non profit. I have met with a couple of individuals who help people like me navigate this journey. I am blessed to have met these people as this is all new to me. I have been shown the steps to becoming a non profit and let me tell you it is not for the faint of heart. I have also been informed that a better way to go may be to find an existing non profit that does similar work in Ethiopia to take me under them. They would act as my umbrella allowing donations to be made so they can be tax exempt to you the donors!! For those of you who have shared with me that your company would match your donation it would double your donation!! I have spoken with several such existing non profits as well as reached out to numerous others. Right now there is a lot of networking involved but I will press forward and know soon there will be a break through in this area. Thank you for your patience and I will keep you posted.

A bit about me

I would like to take a few minutes to do something I do not usually do, at least not en masse. I would like to share my heart as well as some struggles. These past few weeks have been up and down for me and I am working on keeping more even keeled. I am in a current nanny position until the beginning of January and I would love to be heading back to Ethiopia at that point but short of a miracle (which I am 100% open to) I will not be. I have been interviewing for my next position and had it narrowed down to two families. Making this decision to commit to a family was, to say the least, very difficult. It felt like failure and defeat, not to me personally (well maybe a little) but to all of the hopes and dreams of helping the people in Ethiopia sooner rather than later. At a dinner with three amazing woman last week they were able to encourage me to see how short a year is and to be wise and use this time to stay focused on the goals. So that is what I am doing. I have accepted a job and will continue to fund raise and educate myself on how to generate sustainable income for the homeless mothers in Ethiopia. Currently it looks as if jewelry making will be the way to go. I have a few people willing to teach me skills they posses and a woman who runs a fair trade business is helping me understand all of that. It is no accident who is being brought into my life!!! I have so many great ideas and even greater intentions but I must have the wisdom and knowledge to execute them or none of it will work. I do not want to go back and create a system that fails or relies upon me in any way. I must be able to walk away and let them stand on their own. I want to teach the teachable, give them skills so they can provide for their families. I know not every homeless woman will be on board because there are many people all over the world with a poverty mentality, this is not for them but rather for those who wish to pull themselves up and reach down and give a hand to pull the next one up. Woman who want to earn money to feed and educate their children so the cycle is broken!!! So this year (or less I pray, I am a fast learner) will be a huge time of learning for me; learning skills I currently do not posses, learning about business (pray for me!!) and trying to get non profit statues (more prayer please) I want this done right and while I am going to make mistakes I do not want them to be at the expense of the people I am trying to help. So things to think about are do I have the jewelry sold there in local markets or here through fair trade shops? Either way I will pay the woman up front for their work, a fair wage, and use the additional income from the pieces selling to purchase supplies, pay rent on a space etc...

Another thing I have learned is faith is not faith when life is going how I want it to but rather when it all looks so bleak that I must trust God and you know what? It all works out as it should – the old saying “let go and let God” is so true!!! Yes, I am still learning. I went through such a huge personal journey while in Ethiopia and I am putting it into practice each and every day. I thank God for the people who have been on this journey with me, those who held my hand through the process and those who have accepted me at the other end. Life is a journey, one I wish to live to its fullest!!! Please continue to pray for this mission as well as for me during this learning period and beyond. I look forward to sharing updates on the progress with you and know I will get back there as soon as I can, equipped to make a difference not only in the lives of the children at the orphanage but to the homeless mothers and their children.

Thank you so much for your continued interest and support on this project that is in the hands of God.


There are so many amazing things going on with Mission Ethiopia and I want to share some with you. First I was able to get a last minute space at a holiday craft show on Saturday but the most wonderful thing happened. First I must back up and tell you that one of the things I am working on is figuring out ways to incorporate sustainable income for woman in Ethiopia. I would like there to be a way for the homeless moms who are interested to be able to generate income for them and their children. One of the ideas is to create jewelry. I have met a couple of different people who are willing to share their skills with me. During all of this I recalled a woman whom I met during my first round of fund raising. She does fair trade jewelry in Uganda and Kenya but I had no way of getting touch with her. Well guess who was in the booth next to me yesterday!!!! Yes, this very woman. God is so awesome!!!!! About an hour after set up the woman in charge came around and told us she did not plan to put us together because we are both working for Africa but we quickly told her we were happy next to each other. Throughout the day she shared the ways she does this and we exchanged information so we can stay in touch. Mission Ethiopia also raised just over four hundred dollars!!! I did have some people who want to make donations and they informed me that their companies will match if I am non for profit. So I will begin to head down that path, if any of you know how to go about this or know someone who has and would be willing to help me please let me know as this is an area I have not one idea of how to navigate.


It never ceases to amaze me how much God is in control of my life and the direction He has called me to follow. There are many small details that He does not overlook and at times I do not see them right away but they are there. The past few weeks have been great examples of God's divine hand on mission Ethiopia. I have had numerous people cross my path who I have had the opportunity to share part or all of the vision of mission Ethiopia with, some of these people you would know by name and they have the ability to help get me back to Ethiopia sooner rather than later so that I can continue to help many children in Ethiopia. Please pray that these people will have an open heart to help get me back to do the work my Father has asked me to do!!!
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Upcoming Fund Raiser

Mission Ethiopia will be participating in a fund raising event this coming weekend. I will have a table set up at the Brand Name Consignment Resale Event. For those of you not familiar with this event it is a children’s resale event with brand name clothes, shoes etc and they also allow vendors to set up tables to sell their wares. I will have my socks, mah jong necklaces and some donated bracelets. I met a lovely woman at the fund raiser last week who has donated some of her amazing jewelry to me to sell to raise money for Ethiopia. I will be posting photos soon so you can see these amazing bracelets. She also makes necklaces that you can order.

The event is Friday, December 3rd, 10 am – 5 pm
Saturday, December 4th, 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday, December 5th, 10am – 5 pm (50% off all clothes, shoes and other items)

I will only be participating on Friday and Saturday due to a previous engagement on Sunday. If you need brand name clothes or other items for your children stop by and have a look. Make sure to stop by Mission Ethiopia’s table to show your support.

The sale is at 5330 Grand Ave, Gurnee, IL (in the Northern Lights Crossing Shopping Center, across from Six Flags)

Hope to see you there!!!

Kimberly Holst


This past weekend was the holiday market at Coonley school. Mission Ethiopia was able to raise $300 selling necklaces and socks. The best part was meeting so many wonderful people and telling them about my past mission and future goals to help Ethiopia. Mission Ethiopia also received $372 in donations!!!

There will be so exciting upcoming things to share in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!!!

I am also looking for other markets to showcase at so if you know of any in the area please contact me. Thank you.


I am thrilled to tell you about the precious baby doll fund raiser. Mary Beth Wells, who interviewed me on the radio last week, has a doll company where you can adopt a baby doll from around the world. She has generously offered to create a coupon code which will allow you to save $5.00 on each doll and she will also be donating $10.00 per doll to Mission Ethiopia. These are beautiful dolls and would make a great gift for the upcoming holidays. In order to receive the "Kimberly Holst Discount" you need to plug in the coupon code for the doll(s) you purchase. First go to the site www. preciousbabydolls.com and the codes are listed here next to the name of the doll;
Katya 5000
Sophia 5500
Kimberly 6000
LiMing 6500
She also told me the clothing has been marked down for the holidays.

Thank you for your continued support!!!


I have been contacted by a woman who does a national radio program on adoption and she found my blog and was very touched by what I did in Ethiopia and has asked me to be a guest on her show this Monday. It airs 9 am - 10 am EST and I will be the first guest for half an hour so I am on the air from 8 am - 8:30 am our time!!! This is such an amazing opportunity for me to get the word out about the continued work I would like to do in Ethiopia - God is opening so many amazing doors, I cannot wait to see what else I get to do to be able to do His work!!! To hear the show I am attaching a link to her site and all you do is go there and in the upper right hand corner there is a box that says "listen live" Thank you very much for your continued support and prayers.



It was one year ago today (November 1st) I embarked on a journey that not only changed the lives of many children in Ethiopia but also my own. I was not looking forward to the arrival of today as I long to be back in Ethiopia, but it is here, and because I am so focused on the plans God has birthed inside of me I am at peace. I am still in the process of sending out my sponsorship packets so keep an eye out (if you are on my mailing list, if you would like to receive one e mail your address to me and I would be happy to send one your way)
I have such an urgency to return but also know God's timing is always perfect, not that that is always easy to accept but it is the truth. I know the little children I long to help on the streets are being looked out for by God, for His words states that He cares for the birds of the field how much more He cares for us (His children) Times are tough right now but image being a five year old living on the streets of Ethiopia, relying on begging to provide you with food each and every day. We are a blessed nation and many of us do not realize how blessed we are. Nothing here can compare with what a child watching countless other children walk to school in front of her and she knowing her day will be spent begging and not learning. There is no free education or truant guard to make sure they are educated. To go to school there you have to be able to afford the school fees, books and uniform otherwise no school. I am trusting that others are compelled to help these and others in Ethiopia and once I return I will do whatever I can to make many things happen. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.


Mission Ethiopia will have a table at the holiday bazaar at Coonley school in Chicago on the weekend of November 20th and 21st. I will be selling the Mah Jong necklaces I have made as well as the beaded socks left from my fund raising efforts last time around. Coonley school is located at 4046 N Leavitt. The hours on Saturday are 10- 4 and Sunday 11 - 3. Would love to see some of you all there!!! Pray everything sells!!!


Just wanted to give a quick update, I sent out the sponsorhip packets about two weeks ago and $2100 in donations have come in so far, that is nearly 10%!!!!! Thank you to all who have donated, the work I am setting out to do will not be accomplished without generous people like yourselves. You will be blessed for your gifts.


I have recently begun to send out packets with stories from my recent mission to Ethiopia. It was while I was on this mission I rediscovered my calling - missions. My first trip was to volunteer in an orphanage, which I did, but I came home and now have clear goals for my return. I want you to see the photo above, this is Mulu and her sister. They live on the streets of Addis and we became friends. I was able to help them in many ways but I would like the opportunity to go back and get them off of the streets and into school. If these two girls are educated it will change the future generations in their family. I realize I cannot help everyone but for the few I can it will mean the world to them. I would also like to go back in a voluntary capacity at the orphanage I was at last time not only to volunteer with the children but finish a child care program I created for the workers. It took me quite a while to write it, get it translated, typed out and put together. I finished it just before I left so I will teach it upon my return. I will also be learning the ins and outs of running an orphanage from the woman who has run Kidane for over fifty years. I want this education so I will be able to help with an orphanage project begin in the near future. I cannot do this on my own and so am seeking help. I am looking for fund raising ideas that do not require a huge investment, prayers and donations. I am aiming to raise $25,000 to be able to go back for one year of what I pray is the beginning of a life of service. This money will get me over there, cover daily living expenses and help all of the people I aim to help. If I can raise more that would be great as the more I raise the more I can help. Please pass this blog onto anyone you feel may be interested or able to help, every dollar counts. Thank you and God bless.


This is my Gabriel. He came to Kidane Mehret Care Home (the home where I volunteered) on Valentine’s Day weekend (February 2010). He was a full term baby who was very malnourished. He could not regulate his body temperature nor could he keep food in. I was determined that this baby would live, so each day I would arrive and unwrap him from the water bottles that were my substitute during the night. By the time I finished unwrapping him he was freezing cold. I would then tuck him inside of my shirt for “kangaroo care”. At first, the workers were not sure of what I was doing, but they eventually caught on and their respect level for me grew by leaps and bounds. Gabriel was inside of my shirt all day unless he was eating or being changed. He started out at 2 kilos (4.4 lbs) and day by day grew and developed and maintained his body temperature. It is because of situations such as this I feel called back to Ethiopia; to be the voice of the voiceless. The photo below shows him last week as a friend is sending me updated photos.
He is a true living miracle.


I now have a temp nanny job for the next couple of months that will help me get sorted for getting back to Ethiopia. I also will be speaking at an upcoming adoption support group in Gurnee, IL to talk about my experience as well as my journey back. Today I was gifted with a much shorter domain name so it makes it easier to get here now you just type mission-ethiopia.com and you are here, what a great gift to receive. God is so good and does amazing things when we get out of His way and let Him!!!


Several weeks ago I contacted the sister in charge of the orphanage that I volunteered at in Ethiopia. I had some questions for her; I asked her when I return would I be allowed to stay in one of the guest rooms at Kidane and would she be willing to teach me what she knows about running an orphanage. I knew it would take a while to hear back from her and today was that day!!! It was very timely as several more work doors have closed so right now things are looking great for my return to Africa. She told me I am most welcome in their home and that she has learned what she knows from experience and she would be happy to share that with me. Since part of why I long to go back is to help the church I attended start an orphanage who better to learn from than someone who has been doing this for over 50 years. I feel honored and blessed that she is willing to impart her wisdom upon me. Now I just must get there, God is in control!!!


I have spent the past couple of weeks writing out some of the stories from my first mission to Ethiopia so that people will be able to see what has become my heart. Some of them were very hard to share but I want everyone to see what lies ahead for my next mission to Ethiopia. It will take me a few weeks to get all of them out so please be patient. If I do not have your mailing information and you are interested in one please contact me through here and I will be happy to send you one. Please feel free to show these to your family, friends, place of worship, co workers, anyone you feel may be interested in the stories or able to offer any type of support. Thank you very much.


I am selling necklaces that I am making. I was going to sell my antique mah jong set however a friend recommended I create necklaces out of the tiles and so I have. If you are interested in purchasing any they are $30.00 plus shipping. Please contact me and I will get them straight to you. I have sold 11 so far!!! They turned out beautiful and I am very proud of them.


For those of you who do not have facebook I am going to copy the bio I filled out on there to here for you to see, maybe smile have a laugh:-) Enjoy getting to know me a bit more;
Having recently returned from Ethiopia and learning many things about myself I will now fill this in: I have always enjoyed the simple things in life and taken time to be awed by small things. Helping others is a passion for me, caring for children, giving to those in need, listening to others. Having pure love and acceptance bestowed upon you allows you to bestow these gifts to yourself. I love to cook and bake for others, the moment when they start eating and there is silence is pure bliss for me. I can iron a mean shirt and a nice one too :-) Getting lost is an art form, wandering around and not caring where you will end up - joy!!! I want to travel more and be inspired by what I see. I want to taste, touch, see, hear and feel things people in other parts of the world do because it will expand who I am. I love to study other religions and learn about other people's faith. I am a happy person but sometimes things get me down. I get frustrated, upset, disappointed and that is okay, I am human after all. I must make choices and not always consider the outcome because a lot of the time the things I feared happening never did. (f.e.a.r. = false evidence appearing real) I am amazed when I watch a child learn a new skill, each one has a unique approach as each child is a unique person and their uniqueness MUST be respected. I am quiet in a crowd but once you get to know me I can talk your ear off. I do need time to recharge and value my privacy. I do not have tons of friends but the ones I have I would die for. I am a voracious reader and love to write. Music fuels my soul. I have gumption. I love fire, especially in a fireplace. I do not shout (except when I am excited then it is shouts of joy). I have tons of patience and am overflowing with compassion. I am a journey person so love to hear about peoples lives. How others are navigating their world intrigues me. I am learning to dance and found out I love jewelry. Candles - wonderful. Flip flops are the best kind of shoes and if I could spend a day in a hammock I would have the biggest joy bubble. I love museums, live theater and parks. My favorite place to be is by water, it is where I feel closest to God. Flowers are one of God's best masterpieces; I always take time to enjoy them. I have moved around in my life and Africa is home; it is where I am the best version of myself. I am happy to say that my heart is now cracked open and ready to be loved. I am enough, who I am today is perfect. My imperfections are part of me and it is all good. I am one of the most loyal people you will meet. I am opinionated but will always listen to anothers point of view, agreeing to disagree is so freeing. When I am wrong I will apologize. Numbers amaze me. I wish I could fly. I love photography; to capture a moment on film is amazing. Chocolate is one of the best ideas EVER!!! Letting go is good. Crying is not a sign of weakness or defeat it just shows you have emotions and that is alright. I love to take nature walks. I am grateful for so many things. I enjoy puzzles of any kind - jigsaw, crossword, you name it. I love when people laugh. I am not a good singer but love to sing. When it comes to organization my mind is like a game of tetris. Babies are like holding a piece of heaven in your arms. I am competitive and love both card and board games. I think holding hands is a lost art. Chivalry and manners do matter. Pajamas were a great invention. I love to sail and swim. Walking in the rain is a blast. Walking with someone in the rain is even better. Chicago has the best Pizza!!! Roller coasters - amazing. I want to skydive and hang glide. I want to learn French. I play with my hair. I like to take a few ingredients and turn them into something delicious. I marveled at the Great Wall of China and want to marvel at other things. There is beauty everywhere if you look for it. I must pray and meditate; it is food for my soul. I cannot kill a spider they are magnificent to me. The Great Rift Valley took my breath away. I value the time my friends bless me with. The color of some ones heart is what matters. Stepping out of the box is rewarding. The world is not black and white. I am creative and love to make things. Beauty is in everyone. I do not believe everything I think. Life is full of choices make good ones and make some wrong ones too (those may turn out to best your best decisions ever). Everyone comes into our lives for a reason. I will not let others define me. Treasure those around you. Tell the people you love that you love them. Life is short so if you need to sort things out do it before it is too late. One of the most beautiful sounds are the calls to prayer in Ethiopia. Hugs and kisses are wonderful. I need my sleep. I appreciate a great pillow. I like the weight of blankets on me. Naps are pure joy. Having a meaningful conversation with me when I first wake up is not the best choice. I love thunderstorms; especially at night. I must have ice cream now and then. Most of what I know I have learned from the books I get from the library and from living life. I have climbed a waterfall. I am awed by the beauty in nature. Young children are the most honest people. True friends are a gift and a blessing. The eyes are the window to the soul. I love my feet. Massages are amazing to give and receive. I enjoy a delicious breeze. Fall is my favorite season, why is it that we only get to see the leaves true colors just before they die? I have many goals and getting braver every day, look out world here I am!!!


For those of you who do not know September 11th is the Ethiopian New Year. They have just entered 2003 as they are on a different calender than we are. The calender there is made up of 13 months. So Happy New Year to all my Ethiopian friends or Melkam Addis Amet to my habesha gewadegnas!!!